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The FT Blog has a list of referendums showing that when given the choice, people in the EU tend to vote for retaining (or not accepting) membership – yet another “lets stay in the EU” run of memes that have appeared lately.

One has to ask, when considering the ‘No’ votes which were subsequently overturned, how many of those referendums that did the overturning were “interfered” with by propaganda and were affected by any mis-match within the financial clout of each side – but I digress.

If Norway is not a member of the European Union but is included because they voted against membership of that organisation on two occasions, why is Switzerland who, in 1992, voted no/non/nein/not on your nelly, not also included?

This does not say a lot for Matt Qvortrup, his expertise, nor Cranfield University – but hey, why let a small matter of detail affect yet another piece of spin in aid of the europhiles and their argument?


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  1. Paul says:

    Indeed. And don’t forget that in this opinion poll conducted last year, 82% of the Swiss public voted NEIN to joining the EU. They did vote to join Schengen about seven years back, though. The SVP – a party very, very similar to UKIP – is the main driver behind rejecting both EU and EEA membership, and the affiliated AUNS organisation is the main promoter of saying outside the EU.

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