Will no-one rid us of this troublesome woman?

Andrea Leadsom has taken to ConservativeHome to repeat the “repatriation of powers” meme.

I cannot be bothered to even respond to the rubbish that Leadsom’s article contains, other than to quote her own words back to her:

“Let us end this misleading discussion, and focus instead on the real substance.”

 I won’t hold my breath……….

6 Responses

  1. john in cheshire says:

    To repeat myself, I couldn’t care less what anyone says about anything. What I object to is that people like her are given access to the English public via the standard media outlets, that normal people cannot use. She can say what she likes in private, but why should she be broadcast to the nation, when those of an opposing view are denied a voice?

  2. microdave says:

    Well she got a dammed good kicking in the comments – not that I imagine she will read them…

  3. cosmic says:

    Europlastic to the core that woman.

    I’m convinced that all this Tory posturing on ‘Europe’ is about is blagging it out to the general election while conning eurosceptic support. All totally cynical.

    It must be obvious to anyone that they are unlikely to be in power to do any of this and if they were, they’d find a way to fix it.

    Still, there’s a good two years for them to sustain themselves with this flannel and judging by the comments on that article, it’s looking threadbare already.

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