Who is this “We”, Cameron & Lidington

Stubbornness does have its helpful features.  You always know what you are going to be thinking tomorrow.”

Glen Beaman

Just over a year ago Richard North, EUReferendum, posed the question: “Who’s this “We”, Cameron” in relation to a question asked during Prime Minister’s Questions on the subject of Coastguard closures.

Lo and behold, today during the same event, namely PMQs, came not one but two more questions on the same subject, this time from Adrian Sanders (12:07) and Richard Drax (13:41):

Although the word “We” was changed to “This government’s” and “Our”, the implication and misinformation remain the same.

There was also today a debate in the House of Commons about “Europe” in which David Lidington also made use of the word “We” in a slightly misleading context (18:52) in which he implied that “We” had just concluded trade agreements with Singapore and South Korea and were about to conclude one with the United States of America. What he did not make clear is that said trade agreements were – and are about to be – made by the European Union acting on behalf of the Member States and to which said Member States will now be bound.

When one considers the UK’s relationship with the European Union, coupled with calls to re-think how politics is done in the UK, one can only quote Judge Judy:

“The time to change was yesterday. The time to wake-up is now.”

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