Who, exactly, is Claire Haigh?

A half page article appeared in today’s Daily Telegraph (page17 of the print edition) in association with “Greener Journeys” which from their website we learn is: ” a campaign aimed at encouraging people to get out of their cars and onto buses and coaches; a quick and cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions”. Greener Journeys, we also learn, was launched in 2009 and has submitted written evidence to a parliamentary committee. “Under the section “Who’s involved”, it is shown who are the Founding Members, Advisory Body, Associated Bodies and The Executive.

It is The Executive that is of interest as none of those listed, other than Giles Fearnley who appears in the Advisory Body, have any bios provided. Neither is there any information about whether these individuals are paid and if so by whom. Of special interest is the Chief Executive, Claire Haigh – and the picture of her that is used. In attempting to ascertain her background, Google was consulted – an exercise which provided information on various people of that name but no-one with a background in transport. What it did provide is news of a Claire Haigh, who from her website, advises that she: “explores the nature of consciousness and thought through art and that her current work The Tabula Project will be exhibited in December at The Roubadour Gallery. Either Greener Journeys have used the wrong photograph on their website or one is justified in asking what someone who explores the nature of consciousness and thought through art, knows about transport. It would appear that the New Statesman have used the same photograph for the article which appears under her name. Greener Journeys does not appear if a search is done at Companies House, so presumably what we have here is another pressure group lobbying government for their own financial gain while using “the stark facts of climate change” (Claire Haigh, New Statesman) – stark facts which have been shown to be founded on what one may term a contentious basis.



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  1. thespecialone says:

    Look behind any green “independent” advisory panel or whatever they choose to call themselves you can almost certainly find their views only on the warmist side of the argument. Look at the so-called enquiries into climategate etc. Were they not all warmists? Hardly independent at all and you any numpty could write the outcome before any enquiry, or advisory panel.

    How many of those in “Greener Journeys” never drive a car or travel in a plane?

  2. david says:

    A fair question in your last paragraph, however I want to know who is Claire Haigh……….

  3. WG says:

    Well WfW, I’ve just spent an evening looking at the “Green Alliance” – and it’s Regional Development Agencies all over again.

    Acronym paradise, progressive bingo – whatever you wish to call it.

    The only thing that is missing is any reference to the actual people who are going to be paying for it.

    BTW – how are you finding WordPress?

  4. TomTom says:

    Claire Haigh

    Claire Louise Haigh
    Claire Haigh Associates Ltd
    9 Kenton Road
    East Sussex
    BN3 4PG



  5. david says:

    I saw that when I did the google search, TT annd if that is her then the same question remains – what does she know about transport.

    I fail to understand why organisations put up websites with incomplete information……..

  6. TomTom says:

    Probably nothing but she lives in Brighton and no doubt has friends who are journalists and they give her a bit of free advertising so she can get more work designing extensions. Ad rates are quite high in Daily Failygraph so getting a product placement is better as Apple finds….

  7. TomTom says:

    Actually Brighton, Church Street houses lots of accountants so that is her registered office

    ,A href=”http://www.transporttimesevents.co.uk/conferences-speakers.php/Britain-s-Buses-Getting-our-priorities-right-28/”>Website

    Her most relevant previous role was as Director of Journey Solutions, where she saw the creation, implementation and roll-out of PLUSBUS – the national integrated bus/rail ticket. Before that she worked as Project Manager on Traveline. Claire is involved with a number of charitable organisations: including the Samaritans, and the national homeless charity Crisis where she volunteers as a Community Ambassador.

    Maybe it is a different woman

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