Where have all the MPs gone?……

…….To Eastleigh, each and every one (almost) – to paraphrase Peter, Paul & Mary.

The question arose in my mind when I tuned into Parliament tv this morning and viewed the usual virtually empty green benches in the House of Commons. Later today I found out where they all were – or had been


A picture from Twitter of Michael Fabricant with a wall chart listing all those MPs of all parties that have appeared on the streets of Eastleigh.

James Landale offers a few thoughts from Eastleigh, from which:

“…….They say the anti-politics mood is thriving in Eastleigh where many voters appear hostile to politicians, they are worried about immigration, they feel ignored and taken for granted by Westminster, and, frankly, they are fed up with people stuffing paper through their letter boxes and asking the same question over and over again……..”¬†Perhaps an upset is on the cards?

Even more importantly, perhaps the penny is beginning to drop that they the voters are being taken for fools; that actually they are the ones who should have the power, but don’t.

As yet they don’t know how to reclaim that power – but they will.


4 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Is that an original Warhol on his head?

  2. Mark B says:

    I wonder if it is real or synthetic ? The man, not the mop on top ?

    As for all the names, I wonder if he have anything ‘witty’ to say about them should something unfortunate were to happen. He has form you know.

    I just hope the good people of Eastleigh deliver the LibLabCON-trick a little shock.

    • david says:

      Neither – that is a Cameron Robot.

      From what is being intimated there could well be a shock – either that or the journos have been leading us up the path as usual.

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