What a (nother) good idea

A more recent report, this time from the local in Switzerland, informs us about moves to create compulsory community service for foreigners living there as this would be a means of furthering their integration, while an alternative idea being proposed is for conscription.

Of course, conscription – or national service, call it what you will – has many factors in its favour, none more so than considering the need for foreigners, who have made the decision to create a new life in another country, to demonstrate their commitment to the aims and ideals of their chosen new home.

Consider, conscription/national service would:

  • solve the unemployment problem in the 18-24 year range – if the state has to pay them, why not pay them to do something useful;
  • it would be possible to incorporate qualifying for a trade – which logic dictates would lower the cost of said scheme to the taxpayer;
  • it would create a sense of discipline in the younger generation and lead to an acceptance of acceptable societal behaviour;
  • it would also assist in resolving the problems of obesity, thus cutting the NHS bill that is involved in dealing with the problem;
  • it would reduce the problem we have with the number of unmarried mothers and the resultant costs involved;

Just considering those five reasons – what’s not to like?


5 Responses

  1. john in cheshire says:

    It would also weed out those who have no commitment to our country; ie. if you don’t do your national service, then you don’t belong here. No more muslims objecting to fighting our enemies just because they too are muslims.

  2. tinks says:

    It might have its pluses as regards what to with people, however given the current state of corporatism and government favourites, it would probably be farmed out to Serco/G4S/A4E, i.e., one of those pseudo private companies firmly latched on to the taxpayer titty but delivering questionable value.

  3. Antisthenes says:

    A brilliant idea but not practicable under the UK’s present democratic system. A system that has been hijacked and subverted by politicians and vested interests none of whom are interested in what is good for the people as a whole only for themselves. A situation that has to take it’s course and await the awakening of the people from their stupor and passiveness and that is going to be some considerable time yet.

    • david says:

      You – together with jic above – make good points and one’s with which I agree.

      It seems incredible that it appears always to be the Swiss that state the obvious and come up with the ideas to cure a problem.

      It is indeed right A, that you say the system has been highjacked and not only has the system been highjacked but so unfortunately have the people……

  4. Jimbo says:

    Whist perhaps good for the country’s youth think of the poor services. Already the army is streched and employs less than 100,000 so imagine dumping another 100,000 teenagers into uniform each year. Who would train them and up to what point? As soon as they get to the point that they might be of any value they all leave and another 100,000 arrive. Sadly not practicable.

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