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With parliamentary elections scheduled to be held in Norway on 9 September 2013, this article in thelocal is interesting in more ways than one, mainly because I do not recall it receiving much, if any, mention in our media. It relates to a call from Norway’s Conservative Party (Høyre) for the construction of rudimentary jails for foreigners.

“If the Conservatives win next autumn’s election, foreign prisoners can still expect to be given food and shelter, but very little else, newspaper Aftenposten reports. [be warned: its in Norwegian – Ed.]

”We don’t need to expend resources on the rehabilitation of convicted criminals who will not be reintegrated into Norwegian society, but will be deported from the country,” deputy party leader Bent Høie told the paper.

”Nor do we need to offer them education or any other assistance to prepare them for a life in Norway,” said Høie, the chief architect of the Conservatives’ draft parliamentary policy programme for the next four years.”

Needless to say this suggestion did not go down too well with the socialist element of Norwegian politics.

Neither is it any good for us in the UK to wish the force of conservatism be with Theresa – but I digress.

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  1. Antisthenes says:

    I do not believe ECHR will tolerate separate conditions for foreign prisoners and if they do not unlike the EU they cannot ignore a ruling from that body.

  2. What a sensible idea, much too sensible for some. Pity poor Norway for not having to implement EU directives without prior consultation unlike our own dear Government!

  3. Robin says:

    Jut to add a bit ;

    All rubbish is collected weekly , no need for the average joe to sort out the recycling stuff , then its taken down to the prisons where the inmates can do their bit for society by orting it out .

    And ive devised a way for it to be compatable with human rights on a liberal scale if needs be .

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