Water, water everywhere….

….especially where we in the UK are concerned, is it wrong to inquire just who has been pushing this uphill?

For the first time in history, so we are informed by the Spanish business daily Cinco Dias, a European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) has been registered with the European Commission.

At this point it is necessary that I digress slightly by asking – and in the best practices of our masters – is it not possible that:

  • Bearing in mind the fact the the United Nations Economic Committee Europe (UNECE) have been debating, for “many a moon“, just this subject of water;
  • Having regard to the concerns of citizens whose interest in water has no doubt been pointed to the deliberations of the UNECE;
  • Desiring further to enhance the fallacy that the European Union is a democracy and that EU citizens have a “voice”;

Are we are not witnessing yet another example of “social engineering”?

Once again, only asking………

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  1. Edward spalton says:

    A friend, who is a hydrological engineer, was visiting. On the point of leaving,we noticed it was raining heavily.
    “I’ll just wait until that precious resource has stopped falling” he said.

    He tells me quite a bit about the neglect of things like dredging of water courses and reservoirs too.

    If you think about it, control of energy and water provides the means of total political management.
    With corporate ownership of the means of genetic manipulation, there is a real prospect of what some people call a “post human” society.

    The first time I heard this term was in an article by an American professor exalting in the “rational” technical assault on thr “primitive” society of Serbia. The potential for evil is immense.

    • david says:

      And few of us realise that total political management is the ultimate end if we leave politicians unfettered.

  2. A friend who worked in the water industry for all his life is convinced that the next world war will be over water. There are problems with the River Jordan which runs through several countries, there are problems with India and Pakistan, with China and even between the US and Mexico.
    Time will tell!

  3. Andrew Duffin says:

    “make the right to clean drinking-water a human right”

    And no doubt also, make the right to have someone else pay for it, also a human right.

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