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Water, water everywhere (2)

Following the first post in this series yesterday, it is worth noting that the UNECE continues on its merry way with its discussions on water.

So we shall no doubt shortly see legislation/agreements on “transboundary water co-operation”. It is indeed odd/coincidence that on my previous post one commenter wrote that a friend of his who worked in the water industry for all his life is convinced that the next world war will be over water. Lo and behold (scroll down the link above) we find the question asked: “Will there be a war over water? Is the water crisis in fact a crisis of governance?”.

Notice the “nudge” with the headings: “Water for peace” and “Governing and managing water resources for sustainable development” – yet another example of social engineeering?

People, we are but pawns on that great chess board of life – and we are now beginning to see the hands that are moving us around. The way things are going it cannot be long before we find ourselves “castled”.

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