Viviane’s been ‘reding’ the riot act again!

Not content with ‘laying into’ the UK in London last Monday, Her Vivianess has repeated the performance this evening in Cambridge, at the university’s Faculty of Law; her speech being entitled: The United Kingdom and the EU – inevitably drifting apart

Once again, like Barroso on Friday – and again on Sunday – Reding has confirmed that an Associate Membership status will be on the cards for those member states that do not adopt the euro and the subsequent membership of a United States of Europe.

Reding states that the EU’s clout allows it to negotiate valuable trade deals with other trading partners around the world – er; and Norway or Switzerland, Viviane? She seems to forget they too have clout and even ‘little’ Switzerland has managed a trade agreement with China while the EU is still struggling to do likewise.

I do not intend to delve into the content of her speech, readers can do that themselves via the link above. Go read it, please. What I will say is that this speech goes far beyond her recent Q&A session in London, it is almost adversarial in content encapsulating threats galore – if you read into that which she said.

Methinks that things are going to get ‘a little messy’ from now on.


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  1. Mark B says:

    I am reading through this now, but just had to post this:

    “”In my personal view, the Eurozone should become the United States of Europe. Like Winston Churchill, I believe that the UK will not be part of this . . . ”

    This is explosive stuff ! She takes a single swipe, and downs two birds. She may be the enemy, but she sure is a friend – if you see what I mean.

    This is going to be bookmarked.

  2. cosmic says:

    Reding’s great, don’t say a word against her.

    She’s certainly a lot more honest than our own duplicitous, mealy mouthed crew, who are probably as much self-deceived as trying to deceive us.

  3. Mark B says:

    OK finished. To be honest, the overall content was a little disappointing. Too much on the financial benefits and not peep on Sovereignty and governance. The usual mixture lies, half-truths and double speak. Norway and no say on rules. Jobs and trade. Access to the Single Market- yada yada !

    What was of note though, was the essence of some of her speech. On the one hand, she wanted us in, but on the other, if the EU/Eurozone was left to further integrate then, she would not mind seeing the UK go, but the door will always be open.

    For a Commissioner, and a very senior one at that, she either does not know much about the Single Market or, she is lying through her teeth. She made some veiled threats in the direction of the City which, quite frankly, were pathetic. Other than that, not much more to add really.

    Still think she’s an asset.

    • david says:

      A tad surprised at your comment – this woman may appear a friend from your viewpoint but she is damn dangerous! She is appealing to the masses not we ‘informed’! People know not a lot about the workings of the City but they know the City is important – Reding is therefore well aware of what she said.

      As to all the usual lies and misinformation – what else did you expect? Plus she was hardly likely to talk about sovereignty and governance was she?

      This is but of the EU’s propaganda that Barroso has begun.

  4. Mark B says:


    Not a friend in the literal sense but, a friend that will be of benefit. Much like Stalin was in the WII.

    Reding has her sights set on a United States of Europe, and she is willing to make sacrifices in order to get what she wants – please read my second paragraph. She wants us to either commit FULLY or go ! To her its very black and white, unlike the current shades of grey, which our so called Government like.

    Of course I expected the same old routine of, “Britain’s place in the world, economic advantages, etc.” But I am detecting something new in the language they are now using. They know the next treaty is going to be a major step forward in terms of integration, probably the ultimate treaty. What they cannot afford, is the UK getting cold feet and vetoing it, or, heaven forbid, the UK electorate getting a referendum.

    Its all about risk and reward. The risk of the EU falling apart are far greater than the reward of keeping the UK in. Our so called Government is going to have to face reality, and so too will we. Between now and then, I think it is important to offer an alternative to EU membership. Look at how narrow the alternatives are for Scotland. Do you think that is by accident ? ‘They’ are framing the debate and the terms by which the Scots will be governed. It does not matter how they vote, they will still be tied to the EU yoke. That, as I know you will most certainly agree, is not independence. And I believe they will try to do the same when the new treaty comes along.

    Reding and the rest of the EU are facing up to facts, this I welcome and encourage. The sooner we can ALL have a sensible and by British politics terms, a honest debate, the quicker I think we will leave.

    I do not consider myself a fool, and have not been taken in by these people. I have read things not just from blogs like yours or others, but from the EU’s own website. I now know what this really is all about, I do not like it. I do not see the EU as evil, ruthless yes, but not evil. I do not see them as the problem, I see them as the symptom of a far greater and more insidious problem. And that of zero democracy in this country and a corrupt and selfinterested elite.

  5. In2minds says:

    “In Europe but not ruled by Europe” – if my memory is working today those were the pearls of wisdom from William Hague some years ago. We know that David Cameron is keen to tell us he can ‘repatriate’ powers from the EU back to the UK. Hence the idea put up by Reding that the EU and the UK are drifting apart will help the PM. But then Reding could well have intended to help Cameron. Also the coalition generally does what it is told and falls into line. For example Theresa May opts out of one EU thing but back into dozens more.

  6. graham wood says:

    In 2 Minds. “We know that David Cameron is keen to tell us he can ‘repatriate’ powers from the EU back to the UK.”
    Well so he has said, but it is time we called his bluff, by now demanding that we the electorate are involved at the BEGINNING of any process and not the end of a stitch-up as so often is the case. We need to be asking MPs and ministers the following:
    1. Please specify precisely what areas of policy the UK government is considering repatriating?

    2. Will such information be available to the voting public well before the 2015 election and in what form? (After all it IS an election issue)

    3.What mechanism will be in place for MPs and the British public to engage with government to approve or disapprove of specific proposals?

    4. What is time-frame for the “negotiation” process?

    5. How will such repatriation of powers relate to the new EU treaty now being actively considered by the EU Commission?

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