Toynbee’s fallen off her rocker, again

Polly Toynbee, Guardian of the nation, has picked up on Ian Kennedy’s question of what remuneration should MPs receive.

Whatever one’s income, surely £65,738 is far too much for someone who, in effect, just wields a rubber stamp when it comes to passing the laws by which we live?

With regard to their being overworked – perhaps if they did not believe that they should control every facet of our lives, they would not be so overworked?

She believes journalists would do well to note with some humility how hard MPs work and that it’s easy for them [journalists] to sit in their comfortable crow’s nests sniping — in which case she should practice that which she preaches, whilst also noting that which politicians should do, but don’t.

Right, that is one air-head, ageing, pseudo-blonde wanna-be bimbo dispatched – who’s next?


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  1. ChrisB says:

    Politicians would do well to note with a lot of humility how hard people work and that it’s easy for them to sit in their comfortable parliamentary seats sniping at the people who receive far less for their efforts.

  2. Ian says:

    I am so glad that Mary Shelley decided not to use the then-young Polly Toynbee’s vocal cords in her creation. The squawks would have sounded monstrous in the film versions.

  3. TomTom says:

    They should receive the National Median Income + Plus Allowances like London Weighting and submit Expenses to HMRC on their Personal Tax Forms

  4. james Higham says:

    Yes, that level of work would usually get about £15 000. It seems a fair sum for what they do.

  5. Edward Spalton says:

    I expect that MPs are very busy. Whilst Parliament has surrendered most of its powers to control bureaucracy, they have been encouraged to become supernumerary social workers, dealing with “clients”/constituents caught in the wheels of that bureaucracy. They even use social work jargon like “case load” to describe this part of their work. This takes their eyes off the government and helps to make them good, “team playing”, re-electable constituency MPs – in other word, no use to anyone except their party and (when it is in power) their government.

    Of course, as Parkinson said “Work expands to fill time available” and they and their assistants, researchers and secretaries have in aggregate a great deal more time than they had in the days when their expenses consisted of first class rail fares, postage stamps and 2,000 sheets of paper a year and their pension had to be bought on the open market out of a not unreasonable salary.
    Anything else either came out of salary or was donated by constituency associations, trade unions etc – and they had a government to watch which not only ruled the whole UK but a considerable percentage of the rest of the earth’s surface too.

    • david says:

      Pertinent comment, Edward. ’tis indeed unfortunately that thee and me are of an age that can remember that…….

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