This most definitely deserves a ‘Mensch’

Politics Home is reporting that Louise Mensch, Conservative – Corby, is urging the creation of a new ‘contempt of Parliament’ offence.

On the basis the Parliament website states that: “The UK public elects 650 Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons”, then Louise Mensch must be candidate ‘numero uno’ for prosecution were such an offence to be created. This is the woman who undoubtedly considers herself ‘Top Totty’ within the House of Commons and has remained slavishly loyal to her party as it is her self-proclaimed wish to be promoted – and to hell with the interests and concerns of her constituents.

Were Mensch to get that which she wishes then ‘numero due’ for prosecution must be Chris Bryant who believes that: “Surely to god, it is time that we asserted the freedom of Parliament – in fact, the rights of Parliament”. Err, is not the freedom and the rights of Parliament the ability to make and unmake the laws of the United Kingdom? Sovereignty? European Union? Where the lack of sovereignty of the UK is concerned, there is only one man who ‘underpants‘ for that and that is Chris Bryant.

The sooner Mensch, Bryant and approximately 600+ other ‘careerists’ can be recalled to be met with the toe end of their electorate’s boot, the sooner this nation might begin the process of putting ‘Great’ back in front of ‘Britain’.


3 Responses

  1. graham wood says:

    Mensch is, as you infer, simply another sycophantic party loyalist.

    Clearly she has not understood the words written is stone in the House of Commons: “Abandon all accountability, culpability, and responsibility all ye who enter here”.

    Bryant, Mensch, and practically the lot of them all “protest too much” about the total denial of British sovereignty at the latest decision of the ECHR (prisoners votes)
    Chief offender is the gutless Cameron who it seems prefers to be “physically sick” over the matter of prisoners votes sanctioned by the ECHR, rather than to actually stop it with an ECHR Repeal Act.

    • Desperate Den says:

      Indeed Graham W – it saddens me to say I am physically sick on each and every occasion I hear this man speak.

      We are governed by people of questionable ability, many of whom seem to be devoid of content or any fibre of moral rectitude – for matters other than their own well-being and future prospects that is.

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