This is ‘NUTS’ too!

In researching the continuing saga of Nomenclature d’unités Territoriales Statistiques (NUTS) – and known in English as Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics – it seems that NUTS, according to this helpful document, has been supplemented by the addition of new regional sub-divisions of the Member States that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 per Commission Regulation (EC) No 31/2011, that entered into force on 1 January 2012.

Anyway the foregoing is ‘by the by’ and included purely for reader’s information and interest. In browsing the above I stumbled on this article in the Guardian from March last year, one authored by Hilary Cooper who was head of the children and learners division in the Government Office for the East of England (Cambridge).

It contains a choice quote from Eric Pickles (the talking-head of DCLG) who in abolishing the offices for the various Government of the Regions, stated that there must be an end to what he described as “the command and control apparatus of England’s over-centralised state”. Err, is not central government (the executive) the command and control apparatus of England’s over-centralised state, Eric?

Hilary Cooper may not have agreed with all the policies she had to implement but she sure seems to have been ‘indoctrinated’ with a common purpose if she has to query who now will take responsibility for holding local authorities to account for what they deliver; that someone has to be the driving force in deciding where much-needed new homes are to be built, or how the region should provide for its future skills and transport needs, and matters such as ensuring the safety of local authority child protection services, while also believing that that will only be possible with continued external support and scrutiny. Err, could not the people perform the holding to account, Hilary – given the opportunity? And as for the previous Labour government not being blameless (it was all the banker’s fault) – oh, FHS!

Both offerings by Pickles and Cooper are no more than what I term brainwashing in order to promote continuation of the status quo, ie democratized dictatorship. Yet another example has, yesterday evening, appeared on Conservative Home from Dr. Spencer Pitfield who has just been appointed National Voluntary Director of Conservative Policy Forum (CPF), a national group that is chaired by Oliver Letwin, a group that gives its members the opportunity to discuss the major policy challenges that face Britain today (at least that is what the ‘blurb’ says). The subject of this article is summed up most admirably by ‘MobiusBand’, in the comments, who writes:

“I believe a lot of old stagers like me view this BS much as the weary, exploited and bullied USSR workers would view the latest in a long tedious line of rousing mendacious twaddle from the factory political officer”.

That is exactly the nadir to which our system of politics has sunk and consequently to the detriment of our having even the slightest claim to a democracy.

Only on enactment of a revolution within our system of democracy will the weary, exploited and bullied people be able to exact their revenge on the despots that consider themselves our representatives.



4 Responses

  1. Andy Baxter says:

    Mobiusband sounds like a potential new recruit!

  2. DP111 says:

    The moment I read, “Nomenclature d’unités Territoriales Statistiques (NUTS)”, my eyes glazed over. But I reminded myself that if WfW has bothered to write about it, there must be something.

    Alas, I have to concur with ‘MobiusBand’.

  3. Andy Baxter says:

    Having attempted to read teh links David (I gave up eventually and all credit to your patience and fortitude) you know one has to wonder and I mean seriously wonder at the mindset of people who wllingly lock (metaphorically speaking) themselves in a room and come up with utter BS like this!

    It beggars belief..but sadly is all to true and intrusive into the majority of us who just want to raise a family, live a peaceful lawful existence free from busybodies telling us how to live our lives!

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