This House, Mr. Cameron?

Today in PMQs the following exchange took place:

Mr William Cash (Stone) (Con):

My right hon. Friend goes to the summit tomorrow. Has he noticed in President Barroso’s blueprint for federalisation of Europe the following sentence: “The European Parliament, and only it, is the parliament for the EU, ensuring democratic legitimacy for the EU”? Does he agree with that or repudiate it, and what will he say to the other leaders at the summit tomorrow?

The Prime Minister:

I agree with my hon. Friend on that one, not President Barroso, for this reason: it is the national parliaments that provide the real democratic legitimacy within the European Union. When we are discussing banking union, it is to this House that we should account. When we are discussing the European budget, it is to this House, which represents our taxpayers, that we should account. I always bear that in mind when I am negotiating, as I will be tomorrow at the European Council.

How can our ‘this House’, that has ceded its sovereignty to the European Union, have any democratic legitimacy left where the governance of our country is concerned? If ‘this House’ is unable to initiate and then implement all the laws necessary for the governance of our country, how can it have democratic legitimacy?

‘This House’ is therefore but an empty shell when considering democratic legitimacy, which makes the act of accounting to it pointless – likewise the presence within it of David Cameron and the other 649.

4 Responses

  1. microdave says:

    Notice he used the word “should” twice – that’s an admission he has no power…

    • Nick says:

      Good spot sir.

      Dave – and Blair before him – loved those little twists. It gets them out of all sorts of scrapes. No actual confirmation, but it sounds good. Verbless speeches, they are called. See, you can be held to a confirmation “this house *does* have primacy’/’We will raise the reading age of boys between 8-9 to 8-9′ but doesn’t what Cameorn said and the famous ‘education x3’ speech have so much more verve?

      These men are serial liars. They can’t help it. They appear empathetic, but cannot really understand the other side. They have no interest in the consequence of their actions because, again, they think differently to us. When you see them give speeches, interviews or at the spoiled boys paper throwing contest on a Wednesday, consider the psychopathy scale and see how many boxes they tick.

      It’s frightening to consider that (quite literally) the lunatics are running the asylum.

    • david says:

      Nice point md……

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