Third annual German-British consultations on Europe

Minister of State Michael Link, and the British Minister for Europe David Lidington held their third German-British consultations on Europe in Berlin.


These consultations focus on intensive exchange of views regarding strengthening of the Economic and Monetary Union and the British and German views on the future of the European Union. Other topics include growth, energy, environment and strategic partnerships in the European context, in particular with the USA. On the German side, State Secretaries of different Ministries who are responsible for European Affairs will take part in the consultations. From the UK will be travelling secretaries of state and ministers from Finance, Environment, Labor, Industry, as well as representatives of the British government parties.

The German-British consultations on Europe are held once a year. In 2011, they were initiated in Berlin, whereas the second meeting took place in June 2012, in London.” (My emphasis)


David Cameron is on record as saying that while he is Prime Minister, we will never join the Euro.

Perchance, as we are “all in it together”, Lidington is preparing the ground for the “reddy” boys, come 2015?

Just asking………

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