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They take us for fools

For some time now it has been apparent that our political class assume we, the people, are fools and that we will believe every piece of fiction that is produced from their mouths and pens.

We are regaled today with a report of Ed Miliband stating that reform is required to the EU budget, immigration policy and austerity measures; and Matthew d’Ancona weighing in with his op-ed piece in today’s Sunday Telegraph. Janet Daley also throws her tuppence worth into the arena with an article headed: “We’re heading for economic dictatorship” – er, excuse me Janet, but when have we not lived under economic dictatorship? When has the electorate once been given a voice over the expenditure of public money? Then to cap everything, but not quite, we find a new MP exploiting a loophole in the expenses scheme, seemingly with the blessing of the watchdog. Then of course – and this does cap everything – we have all the articles and voices on Twitter pontificating about the rise of Ukip and how brilliant shines the star of Nigel Farage.

It must be obvious to even the most brain-dead among the British people that MilibandE’s change of policy is but another exercise so beloved of our political class – vote garnering. Daley and d’Ancona are not, as it is assumed by us, writing for us – they write for the political class. As a child and being taken to the circus,  I always thought the clowns a tad pathetic – and, where Ukip and their Leader are concerned, whether we are talking conventional or political, nothing has happened to change my mind.

It seems to me that we not only need the Harrogate Agenda to lead the ‘No’ campaign, come a referendum, it is also obvious that in order to provide a balanced, sensible and factual media the Harrogate Agenda needs to turn its ‘beady eye’ on that collection of ‘puppets’.

Just saying………………

Update: Besides the ‘Reigate Robber’ it seems that five more MPs have been uncovered exploiting the expenses system.

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  1. Antisthenes says:

    Politicians have every right to take us for fools as the majority of us are. What other explanation can there be for us letting politicians behave towards us in the way they do. If we were not fools we would not allowed the crises that we are currently experiences ever to have happened and there would not now be a need for things like the Harrogate agenda. Yes we are fools and we will continue to be fools to the very end even as it all collapses politically, socially and economically.

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