There’s irony and there’s plain stupidity

….well it seems so in my book.

On the day our country remembers those lost in battle defending what was once our green and pleasant land, nay a sceptr’d isle, what does our inglorious Home Secretary do, aided and abetted by an unthinking arm of the media and their journalist? She chooses today to let it be known that our ability to limit the number of Bulgarians and Romanians who have a right to live and work in the UK comes to an end in December 2013. The subject of immigration was raised by Marr (starts 25:45),¬† although it is fairly certain that the irony of our government not being able to decide who can and cannot enter this country from the continent of Europe, being admitted on Remembrance Sunday probably never even entered his brain or, come to think of it, that of Theresa May.

I see Mrs. May is still labouring under the delusion that she can limit the movement of people, something which without rewriting the TFEU she most definitely cannot do, which also begs the question why William Hague’s infamous ‘review’ of EU powers has it in their remit. Andrew Marr is another ‘journalist’ who can join the growing list of those who need to brush up on their knowledge of matters EU. The free movement of people is one of the four freedoms that form the basis of the Single Market framework; the others being goods, capital and services.

If one wants incisive questioning then it is obvious Andrew Marr is not top of the list – in fact recent events have demonstrated it is more dangerous for a politician to appear on ‘pap’ television shows like “This Morning” on ITV than appear on Andrew Marr’s Sunday morning show. On top of which this subject of increased immigration is hardly news, it being at least a month old and raised in the Mail.

As I posted earlier today the sight of politicians paying faux-homage to our fallen while simultaneously  conniving to undermine all that those who fell held dear, sickens me Рlikewise the sight of journalists fawning over their interviewee, something at which the egregious Marr excels.


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  1. Edward. says:

    Marr, really cannot help himself, actually he comes across as the ctnu he really is.
    Theresa, dear Lord how did she manage to swing the HO? Did I say manage? Running her hose would tax her intellectual faculties.

    Romanians and Bulgarians? Are they, could they be any worse than our Asian inundation?

  2. Boudicca says:

    Talking of politicians paying faux-homage to our fallen ….. who the fcuk thought it appropriate for Blair to be at the Cenotaph. Apart from the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead, the liar was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of our soldiers because their equipment was inadequate. Blair and his evil Chancellor preferred to spend the Defence Budget on MoD Administrators.

    Doesn’t the man have a shred of remorse and decency. (Silly question).

  3. Robin says:

    Well that`s the politicians , but at least there is a certian honesty about admitting you have no freedom of action over this issue .
    Even worse are the civil servants who have been allowing Romanians and Bulgarians to come and live here absolutely negating the declared policy of what the elected representatives promise .

    How can we stop the mandarins doing that ?

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