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So, we read that Cameron is more committed to the Coalition than when he and Clegg made the initial decision following the stalemate at the general election back in May  2010; a point with which NIck Clegg seemed to concur when playing down talk of them being ‘at war’. It can be the cause of no surprise that both speak as they do because the alternative, being in opposition, is not that attractive – at least not when they have both had a taste of the ‘good life’.

It is important to note that both men are planning a new ‘slimmed-down’ agreement setting out the Coalition’s plans for the remainder of this parliamentary term. So for the second time within a period of less than three years the British electorate are to be presented with a document/manifesto on which they have not been given the opportunity of expressing an opinion. Such a document has no place in a democracy, in fact it is more akin to an edict produced by a dictatorship. Oh, wait………

The majority of the electorate will no doubt let the planned ‘slimmed-down’ agreement pass them by, while shrugging their shoulders in resignation and one can understand such a reaction; although conversely one can but be amazed that they have allowed their democracy and political process to be highjacked by those they have elected without raising their voices in dissent. On the other hand, in fairness it could be argued that they have never been informed that besides representative democracy there are other systems in being which would allow them to control political excess and emasculation of democracy.

It is that which the Harrogate Agenda hopes to produce for the approval of the electorate, the opportunity to debate a number of proposals for change; because, as Cameron once famously said, we cannot continue as we are. The final proposals that are put to the electorate will either be accepted, amended, or dismissed outright – but the important point is that it will be the people deciding their own future and not two self-centred, career politicians telling them what they must do and how they must behave. For this one reason alone it is of paramount importance that people become engaged with the Harrogate Agenda and partake in its deliberations and the discussions being held. My one plea to those that read this and other like-minded blogs is that they will engage family, friends and neighbours, urging them to become involved.

Just asking………..


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  1. Robin says:

    I think that people will be receptive to your deliberations at Harrogate so long as ;
    There is not a groupthink
    there is not sychophancy to any particular “leader”
    Dissenters are given a polite hearing , not abused
    There is a willingness to adapt policies or agendas
    There is a willingness to drop policies or agendas .
    It is accepted the outcome might be vastly different from the first musings of those who attended before .

    • david says:

      Did I not write:

      “The final proposals that are put to the electorate will either be accepted, amended, or dismissed outright – but the important point is that it will be the people deciding their own future….”

      None of us wish to form a political party, none of us wish to become leader (some of us may be doing more writing than others, but only with a view to stirring debate).

      Methinks you have nothing to fear, that all your ‘wishes’ will come true.

      • Robin says:

        All my wishes cant come true because I want some people hanged .

        What though , about a looser style Tea Party ?

        • david says:

          When I wrote about your wishes I was referring to those you listed. The men on the moon can come and form whatever party they like – as long as they comply with the wishes of the people.

          • Robin says:

            Which begs the question ;
            The wishes of the people , are they sacrosant , or does any of the attendees of the Harrogate meeting think they should be amended for individuals or groups , or policies that the wishes of the people are hostile to ?

            • david says:

              Our ‘wishes’ are neither here nor there – I repeat the people must and should decide for themselves.

              As I have just suggested on another post, perhaps you might like to go read what I have just put up?

              As I said to that person – see you in the morning……… (night)

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