The power of the internet & social media

Beppi Grillo has caused quite a storm, writes Jamie Bartlett in the Guardian CiF, his campaign being due to “head on the internet and feet on the ground” in Grillo’s own words.

With a simple message that politics is corrupt, elitist and closed, eschewing conventional methods of spreading his message through the media he spoke to the Italian electorate directly through Twitter and Facebook. His supporters are said to come from across the political spectrum and from all walks of life. With this type of campaign he has managed to channel the general apathy of an electorate and their latent anger with politics per se; got together an army of volunteers and door-knockers that would have taken years to recruit; gained supporters who consider themselves members of a movement; and he has achieved this in nine months, taking his level of support from 5% to achieving over 25% of the votes cast in a national election.

Just saying………….