The man is a politician – remember that, do.

“A good politician is as quite unthinkable as an honest burglar.” – H.L. Mencken

Isabel Hardman, Coffee House, writes about ‘Borismania’ and a recent poll about who Conservative Party members would like to lead them once David Cameron is gone.

Johnson may well have been outspoken about the euro and matters relating to the EU, he may well have signed The Peoples Pledge for an In/Out referendum – but on the latter he has not, to my knowledge, actually stated which way he would vote. As ConHome reported: “Boris reportedly signed the pledge when asked to do so by a People’s Pledge supporter called Sue Connelly. His decision to sign therefore doesn’t seem to have been part of a strategic plan – but, rather, as the kind of spontaneous impulse for which he’s well known.They can have consequences both for him and for others. “

In hindsight it probably matters not that he fails to say which way he would vote in an In/Out referendum as it has to be remembered that the man is a politician, a profession now renowned for being one in which members have the unenviable reputation of being known for their word not being their bond, but saying and doing anything which they feel will raise their public profile and also garner them votes.

If Johnson is not one of these reviled politicians then he needs to publicly say so – and now.Until then articles such as that by Isabel Hardman are not worth the paper on which they are written because all those articles do is to continue to promote those who have shown they do not deserve the trust that their electorates place in them.


3 Responses

  1. euro sceptic says:

    His father Stanley, was an arch europhile and along with Altiero Spinelli set up the Crocodile Club to advance the cause of euro federalims.

    Draw your own conclusions, folks….

  2. Robin says:

    AH but there might be a difference .
    His father might feel he is a originator of a new order . His son may feel left out of the loop , not being leading the new order . He might feel it hijacked by others

  3. david says:

    There is the case of like father, like son, as es writes; on the other hand it may just be a case of a fight to be top dog – in either case it matters not. Politicians are there to oversee that which the people wish.

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