The man from Number 10, he say ‘No’

Earlier today Conservative Home proudly trumpeted that nearly 100 Conservative MPs had signed a letter to David Cameron  urging him “to place on the Statute Book before the next General Election a commitment to hold a referendum during the next Parliament on the nature of our relationship with the European Union”. 

I have refrained from posting on ‘matters Europe’, even superficially, as Richard North has been doing such an excellent job over at EUReferendum in a ‘string of posts’ (on top of which he knows a damn sight more about it than I do), however I cannot allow this domestic event on ‘matters Europe’ to pass uncommented.

From Politics Home we learn that 100 Conservative MPs have now signed this letter – not only that but Cameron, attending what we are informed is an EU Summit (it isn’t; it is a meeting of the European Council – but hey, why let a matter of detail interfere with such an inferior example of journalistic expertise) dismisses calls for a referendum on our country’s membership of the EU (and, figuratively speaking, the ink on the letter is not even dry yet). This series of events demonstrates the benefits we have of living under an elected dictatorship – but I digress.

Just what is it that Cameron does not understand about this statement from José Manuel Barroso:

” ………..I do not want to talk about a specific country, but it’s like a club, if a member fails to comply with the rules it is better for him to leave the club and this applies to any organization, any institution, for any project. ” 

Just what is it that Cameron does not understand about the fact that there is not one article in the Treaty on European Union (TEU) or the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) that covers the repatriation of powers? If Cameron only wanted one power returned his only option is to invoke Article 50 of the TEU – leave the EU and negotiate a new ‘arrangement’.

If Cameron really does completely understand and in many ways share people’s concerns about Brussels getting too much power, then he has a damn odd way of showing it – and as for his ‘Lock’, it would appear Brussels has managed to ‘pick it’ on………. – how many directives have we had nodded through Parliament now since the locksmith installed said lock……?

Having told us that no way were we going to lend to the eurozone, lo and behold we are now informed Cameron has agreed to inject £1.3 billion from Britain into an EU-wide growth plan and the Prime Minister will give the go-ahead to the additional contribution to the European Investment Bank (EIB). In defense of this decision, no doubt we will be told that 3 million jobs depend on our membership of the EU and to safeguard those jobs, etc etc. And there was I thinking our country is ‘broke’ – in fact according to Eamonn Butler of the Adam Smith Institute, the UK’s national debt now stands at £1,055,000,000,000 – and he can’t be more precise than that because, he says, it’s increasing by about £4,000 a second.

Well, one thing is for sure – unlike the money found from Chloe Smith’s ‘underspend’ to enable the fuel price rise to be frozen, this £1.3 billion won’t be coming from any ‘underspend’ on the cost of MPs.


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  1. john in cheshire says:

    I remember reading quite a lot of the Lisbon Constitution (or whatever it subsequently came to be called), as a result of reading blogs such as this. And I was appalled at the wording. I mean, if an ignoramus such as me, can, in a relatively short time, conclude that this piece of legislation means the end of our country, then surely those who are paid full-time to look at this sort of thing must know what it will lead to. But it was passed – didn’t Mr Brown do it behind closed doors, like a thief in the night, knowing that what he was doing was wrong, sign away our rights?
    I can’t see any road back to where we were. I can only see us progressing down a path that will eventually lead to even the most bovine of our national genetic stock realising that they have been betrayed. That may be in another 50 years; when the perpetrators will all be dead; and there will be much anguish on the way. What I’d like to see is some semblance of justice for us plebs exacted against the socialist pustulence that has oozed all over our national body.

  2. John says:

    There is only one road to travel, and all are progressing that road.
    Some travelling in convoy, some alone, and some travelling amazed that the route has so much traffic.
    The road leads to one-world government. The route has been under construction since the league of nations, each setback on that route has led to increased speed once the obstruction has been avoided.
    You, and a host of others, may comment on and rail against the route being travelled, but our elected representatives have no more control over the route than us. Even if all 650 were to be disappeared overnight it would not affect things. Those that rule us are unknown, unelected and uncaring. The project is all, people are nothing.

  3. Boudicca says:

    You have to start from the basis that Cameron is (a) a Liar (b) incompetent and (c) completely owned by The Bilderberg Group which is determined to keep us in the EU.

    He’s a puppet PM, leading a puppet Government.

    The sad thing is that a majority of the electorate still don’t understand the intentions of the EU project or that the escape route won’t exist for much longer.

  4. cosmic says:

    This is much the same as we’ve heard from the Tories for years;

    “In Europe but not run by Europe”, which is a nonsense for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is that the whole point of being in the EU is to be run by it. They’ve never done anything about this.

    “Repatriation of Powers”, with no explantion of when they are going to start, which powers, what the mechanism is, or what they do if the others say no – and absolutely no progress.

    The Referendum Lock is another example of pretending to be prepared to do something about the EU, when really they are determined not to.

    It’s perfectly clear that the Tories want to drift along with the EU but have to make gestures to keep their supporters sweet. They’re been completely disingenuous in this.

    As far as Cameron is concerned, the EU equates to trouble and he finds it convenient to drift along with it pretending he isn’t, in the Tory tradition. If he can avoid the subject, so much the better.

    Things are coming to a head and the Tories, say one thing, do another approach is getting harder.

    As for Barroso’s comment, Cameron is bringing his herd along as fast as he can, but he knows they’re uncomfortable with the pace and there’s a good risk they’ll bolt and go in all directions. Is Barroso proposing the UK be chucked out of the club? I think not.

  5. david says:

    In Europe etc – good point.
    Repatriation – there is no mechanism and I’m tired of pointing it out.
    Referendum Lock – is anything but of course

    • cosmic says:

      “Repatriation – there is no mechanism and I’m tired of pointing it out.”.


      I do wonder about the thought processes involved.

      Hague and Cameron are not fools. They must understand the nature of the EU and know that they are lying and being manipulative in selling an impossible “Have your cake and eat it” dream, relying on short memories and attention being diverted eleswhere. They misjudged things with the Cast-Iron Promise and overstepped the mark. It’s all wearing thin.

      They also rely on tribalism and the fear of letting Labour in, The problem there is that Cameron is so unimpressive it’s not such a scary prospect.

      I’d guess that the Europlastic tendency are pretty gormless unless they are acting out a script, more empty gesturing and all carefully under control.

      • david says:

        With the article in the S/Tel today, this is one of his quickeer ‘U’ turns……

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