The irrational thoughts of Chairman Richard

He, who is of the opinion that he is Gods gift to British commerce, has a post on his blog, one which begins:

“It’s 2013, a new year, but we have the same old question about Britain’s place in Europe, with calls for a referendum that could lead to the country’s exit.”

Taking the man at his written word, we must surely agree that Britain’s place in Europe is as an island off the coast of that continent. Of course, we all know that when this great man speaks of Europe in the context of his argument he is referring to the European Union. The worrying factor about this is that if such an icon of commerce can conflate two subjects so readily it then becomes a source of wonder that he has been able to understand the difference twixt a mobile telephone and an aeroplane. He also conflates the words “region” and “country” – but we will let that pass in the interests of brevity where this post is concerned.

The real laugh-out-loud comment comes in the third paragraph of his article, to wit:

“The tough medicine that countries like Ireland, Spain and Portugal have given themselves will result in Europe being in far better shape than America in a few years’ time.”

Again in the interests of brevity, leaving to one side the assertion at the end of that extract, the self-evident humour can be found with the first assertion; namely that Ireland, Spain and Portugal gave themselves the touch medicine they are presently having to swallow. As the political class are accused of living inside their own bubble, presumably God’s gift to British commerce was in a basket suspended beneath one of his own when the EU Commission held a loaded economic gun at the heads of those three countries, forcing them to swallow their medicine.

If, as some believe, the eurosceptic movement is ‘blessed to have among their number Nigel Farage then the europhile movement must be similarly ‘blessed’ to have among their number Richard Branson.

Just saying………





4 Responses

  1. Ian Hills says:

    Branson clearly enjoys the “tough medicine” from the travelling public that Virgin Trains slurps up so greedily.

  2. john in cheshire says:

    What a fool I have been. I actually thought that Mr Branson was a mensch;ie. that he was normal and sensible. This guff tends to suggest that either he is ignorant of the true effects of the EU, or if he knows what is going on, he is a liar. Or, that he’s stupid. And I don’t think he’s stupid.

  3. Paul Williamson says:

    As the head of a global company he will have at his fingertips how all his corporations will have faired in USA , UK , Ireland , Spain , Portugal and Greece. And he’ll have loads of information on his competitors. And he may even have commissioned a study into how he has benefited from the EU. So I wonder how such information colours his thinking and rhetoric ?

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