The Green Party obviously needs to ‘reid’ the Lisbon Treaty

The following letter appeared last night in the Norwich Evening News:

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Reid and his party want decision making de-centralised, something which is completely at odds with the idea on which the EU is based, namely ever closer union and centralised control. He wishes to change the relationship twixt the Commission and the European Parliament, a suggestion that would not change one iota the imposition of laws with which we in this country disagree. As is to be expected, Reid mentions the environment; air pollution, dangerous climate change and pandemics stating that these need to be tackled internationally – which they can be without a country being a member of the European Union.

Reid mentions the fact that his party came within 1% of having an MEP in the East of England. This statistic can be viewed from two perspectives, namely (a) the electorate did not like the manifesto on which the Green Party stood or, (b) that the intelligence of the electorate in the East of England should be seriously questioned.

Lastly Reid mentions this ‘good neighbours’ crap, where membership of the European Union is concerned, that all politicians and wannabe politicians cling to – and in so doing exhibits his and their total lack of understanding about the meaning of the word ‘democracy’.

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  1. Derek Buxton says:

    Just another EU doctorate nut case, where do they come from? Twas said that they broke the mould “that once made Barry John”. Can someone break the mould that makes these morons.

    • david says:

      “Twas said that they broke the mould “that once made Barry John”

      Aha! Max Boyce!

      Afterthought: Now all you ‘youngsters’ will want to know who the hell was Max Boyce?

  2. Greens appear to have a contradictory position on the EU to say the least, Caroline Lucas votes against the Lisbon Treaty (albeit via the External Action Service) yet on the other hand they campaign for the EU to have a constitution.

    But you’re right they don’t have any understanding. Reid says the EU Commission should be servants of MEPs. No, no and no. The only servants should be all of those in power – serving us the people.

  3. graham wood says:

    Clearly the twerp has no idea what the EU is all about. It has no interest in making Europe “work” (most of Europe is out of work due directly to the EU’s disastrous policies)
    It is a self appointed, self regulated, and self perpeuated bureaucracy interested only in keeping the gravy train on the rails, and packing it with more and more well paid sinecures.
    You rightly ask – ‘where do these people come from?’

  4. graham wood says:

    Sorry. I forgot the all important bit…… “at our expense”

  5. john in cheshire says:

    As demonstrated by the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz the greens need to get a brain.

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