The ‘Gnome of Brussels’ sprouts

Herman van Rompuy has delivered David Cameron a little warning with regard to the latter’s ‘repatriation thingy’, during an ‘interview’ that appears in the Guardian. Ergo, if Cameron ever reaches the point when he starts to use what passes for his brain he will soon realize that his ‘repatriation thingy’ is akin to what was on some people’s Christmas menu; namely a dead duck.

Both van Rompuy and Schauble are being a tad disingenuous with some of their statements but when they are but part of the attempt to mislead the British public, what more would one expect. It is also no wonder that the Guardian ‘wheels out’ Robert Cooper who opines that he doesn’t understand why the British would be more sovereign outside Europe. Needless to say, the Guardian refrains from informing us that Cooper is¬†currently serving as a Counsellor in the European External Action Service and that he is also a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. If Cooper is unable to understand the definition of ‘sovereign’ and is an example of a UK diplomat and foreign policy thinker, then it is no wonder that this country is in the mess it is.


2 Responses

  1. Ian Hills says:

    Good example of the Monnet method, ie hollowing out a state from within using traitors, in order to build European unity.

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