“The fault lies at home”

Never have truer words been written – but for the wrong reason.

I refer to an article in the Financial Times authored by Rowley Leigh, chef at Le Café Anglais, London – which reminds me to never to visit said establishment, even if I could afford it.

“Le Chef” castigates the British for their failure to pay for home produced food and for their penchant for “easy and cheap meals”. He writes that the real fault lies at home.

Yes, Chef! The fault does indeed lie at home. We should never have allowed self-important, self-centred and ignorant idiots to lead us up the garden path!

One can but suggest that a “pot-stirrer” sticks to that which he knows best and leaves journalism to those that – oh, hang on………

One Response

  1. Edward. says:

    Instant gratification and fast food – not good at all admittedly and cheap food is usually crap but aren’t we right to expect some sort of protection if we part with hard earned brass?

    So many wrong things going on and we weren’t perfect before we joined but by God we were better off – and out of the EU – many if not all of our ills spring from the French bourgeoisie running the offices of Brussels.

    Now trot off! Frog.

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