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The EU Debate

There are more suggestions and opinions doing the rounds on what Cameron’s big speech tomorrow will contain than one can shake the proverbial stick at. The one thing they all have in common is that they attempt to influence the views of others and fail dismally in that their content is superficial and thus misleading. Exactly the same accusation can be laid at the door of all those who have been quoted in the media or who have provided articles for the media.

Europhiles rely on the fear factor that outside the EU Britain will be isolated, yet specify not on how isolated that may be. Eurosceptics prattle on about the need for referendums, yet provide no idea of how an exit from the EU could be accomplished. Neither side mentions how trade with the EU will be continued, nor for that matter how access to the single market can be maintained and little, if any, mention is made of the fact that access to the single market is not dependent on membership of the EU.

In other words, neither the articles on Cameron’s speech tomorrow nor the debate on remaining a member of the EU vs that of achieving the impossible (renegotiation) resulting in a possible exit, have even scratched the surface. We are continually informed that matters EU do not rank high in the list of public concerns, to which one has to ask is it any wonder when politicians and pundits tend not to mention it and when they so do, treat it in such an off-hand and generalized manner.

Many events that occur attract the words “shameful”and “scandalous” and none more so than the actions and words of the political class where this matter of EU membership is concerned. It is shameful that the political class should attempt to deceive and scandalous that that are allowed to get away with it.

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