The Deputy “Reichsführer” has spoken

Politics Home reports that Nick Clegg ‘expects’ “everybody” in the Government to abide by the Coalition Agreement and get behind House of Lords reform. 

“We’ve had a discussion within government about what the shape of this legislation would look like, and we’ve agreed it collectively.”

Really? And when was the Coalition Agreement put to the people for their approval? Consequently, where is the mandate for the Coalition to implement this policy? To whom does the constitution of our nation belong – the people, or the political elite?

When will any member of the Coalition admit that, in effect, what they carried out following the general election of 2010 was but to impose on the electorate of this nation, a dictatorship?

Those in the Coalition may have decided on what House of Lords reform should look like and may have collectively agreed it, but the people haven’t. If the United Kingdom is a democracy, should not the people have so agreed – and if so, when did they so do?

And representative democracy is of the people, for the people, by the people?

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  1. Herod says:

    Any change in the constitution must have a referendum of the electorate. The political elite are just as criminal as the Barclays bankers.The people as always, are being defrauded.

  2. DP111 says:


    This is OT, but well worth reading. It has its parallels here in the UK. Note, I did not mention EU but our local government in London. As far as London is concerned, we the people are merely sheep – to be leased out.

    147 years after the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, we are back to debating slavery. But it’s not a debate that began today. Everyone who pays taxes can calculate how much time they spend working for their masters in Washington, D.C. How much of their income the serfs are obligated to send home to the barons in the white palaces who will decide how much of it to hand out to their friends and how much of it to use on the endless expenses of government.

    Around the same time as the evils of racial slavery were being fought, the building blocks of economic slavery were being hammered together with the Revenue Act of 1861, the first Federal income tax and the first attack on the Constitution, that concluded with the Sixteenth Amendment. One hundred years before the election that brought Obama to power, the Democratic platform called for an income tax, “to the end that wealth may bear its proportionate share of the burdens of the Federal Government”.

    The burden has grown vastly since then. It has grown out of all proportion. And to achieve its goals, the government began selling off its assets. Its chief assets are us.

    The ObamaCare Mandate is a fairly simple trade between health insurance companies, which largely owe their existence to government tinkering with the health care market, and its government patron. In exchange for giving the government what it wants, the government gives them what they want, us.

    • david says:

      And that is exactly how the political elite work in whatever field you care to mention.

  3. DP111 says:

    There are so many forces that are busy destroying the foundations and structure of the UK, that sometimes it is hard to see which are the most dangerous and insiduous.

    Among the ones that are tearing down the structures are

    1. The EU – destroying the nation state by destroying its political structure.

    2. Multiculturalism policy- and the pandering to Islam. This is destroying the cultural and religious bonds that hold the nation.

    The destroyer of the foundations of the UK, is the one that destroys the language and thought processes of the people. The BBC is the main agent for this diabolical destruction.

    Orwell And The Modern BBC

    The above is a must read.

  4. Derek Buxton says:

    It is not for Clegg to demand anything, it is our Country and our Constitution belongs to us not him or Cameron or wny “politoco”. It is for our protection against such low life species as them.

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