The denial continues

where the truth is concerned.

Politics Home reports that the Mr. Yvette Cooper has said that George Osborne has “run out of excuses” as figures showed the UK had slipped into a double-dip recession. Writing in the Daily Mirror (link broken), the Shadow Chancellor said yesterday was a “Black Wednesday” for families across the country, and that the current recession was “made in Downing Street by David Cameron and George Osborne”.He also said the Conservative Party had “arrogantly refused to listen” to warning about their deficit reduction plan and that families had a right to be angry. Err, excuse me ‘Sphericals’, we all now know that George has a problem where the art of addition and subtraction is concerned (lack of a good education, probably), but why should we listen to you who were a party to creating the deficit in the first place?

Denial continues apace on the pasty front too, with further articles in the Guardian CiF, here and here. Two more ‘Westminster Bubblers’ obviously making a mockery of themselves.

Just saying…………………..


2 Responses

  1. john in cheshire says:

    Mr Balls/cooper typifies the socialist mentality. cunning but stupid, duplicitous and brazen; single-minded in pursuing activities that support the socialist utopia; lacking in normal emotions, loyalty, honour and patriotism. Like all socialists he elicits in me a feeling of being in the presence of something unclean – i’d want to wash my hands if I ever had the need to shake his.

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