The death of democracy (2)

Following the first post in this series, the following response has been sent to my Member of Parliament:

“Dear Mr. Cameron,

I thank you for your letter dated 9th November, the contents of which have been noted and I thank you for your kind offer to take up any future specific case I may have.

For a Member of Parliament to write to a constituent and inform him that he, the Member of Parliament, is not going to answer what are legitimate questions where the governance of this country is concerned can only mean that any pretence to democracy in this country no longer exists.

It is acknowledged that your inability to respond to my question about whether you consider yourself a member of the Executive or a member of the Legislature is that to so do would immediately cut from under you the ground on which the present system of representative democracy is based.

As you will understand, I will not be availing myself of your kind offer as I have no wish to waste my time. In conclusion, please be advised that, as is my practise, your letter and this response has been placed in the public domain.


David Phipps”

4 Responses

  1. Stuart says:

    The letter I wrote to my local paper asking the same question was not published.

  2. james Higham says:

    You’re not still on about the death of democracy are you, David? Just sit back and let the oligarchs have their fun whilst we die in penury and pain.

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