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The days ahead

Coupled with what has now become a monthly trip to enjoy my love of County Durham, I have ‘hit upon’ a strategy to adopt viz-a-viz my forthcoming meeting with my Member of Parliament – promised, but date yet to be arranged – whose other face is that of our Prime Minister. (and I do not, in respect of the foregoing, suggest that in any way he is two-faced – just thought I should clear that up!)

This meeting, which will probably last no more than 15/20 minutes being that it is a ‘surgery appointment’, means that some intensive research and careful wording of that which I wish to say, becomes necessary. The strategy that I intend adopting – being courteous at all times as respect is due to the office of Prime Minister, one which Cameron holds – will hopefully result in my being able to ‘pin a tail on the donkey’. If some readers wish to substitute a three letter alternative for the word ‘donkey’, that is of course their choice.

As a result posting for the next ten days may be reduced, although I would hope to have at least one article appear each evening.

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  1. Sean O'Hare says:

    Don’t get your hopes up too high David. He will probably blank you completely and you will come away feeling very frustrated.

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