The changing face of the Cotswolds

Being a fan of a multi-culti country, no doubt David Cameron is really pleased with this news. Nothing like having it happen right on your doorstep is there?

Just asking………



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  1. Durotrigan says:

    Yes, Dave will doubtless be delighted. How did they end up in Chipping Norton? There may be 30 today, but how many will there be in five years’ time? Would anyone like to hazard a guess? A mosque will be splendidly in keeping (ahem!) with the local vernacular architecture.

    • david says:

      There may be only 30 in Chippy (as it is affectionately known locally) but note the additional influx from surrounding areas . If Chippy gets planning permission for the conversion, how long before Witney does, or Carterton, or Eynsham – to name some of the larger towns….

  2. john in cheshire says:

    If the local English population permir this mosque then God help them and ultimately, God help us all.

  3. Umbongo says:

    Why should Cameron care? His main (private) residence is in Notting Hill not Chippy – or Witney. His sole interest in the Witney constituency is re-election in 2015 of which I’m sure he is – and should be – confident. After all and analogously, at the last election, the Conservative voters at Buckingham overwhelmingly returned a CINO as their MP.

    I suspect that Cameron will not comment on this application or, if he does, will say it’s a matter for the District Council or the various appeal bodies (which will, in the end, probably approve the application). BTW in Islam, apparently, it is enjoined that mosques generally have minarets (from which the faithful are called to prayer): such minarets to be higher than any other local structure. Accordingly, Chippy can look forward to its days being punctuated by the call of the muezzin from an elegant spire towering over the town (and the local churches).

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