The changing face of the Cotswolds (2)

Readers will recall that I posted earlier about a planning application that had been submitted for the conversion of a vacant shop premises to a mosque in Chipping Norton, a town just a few miles from where David Cameron’s “constituency home” is located.

It will not surprise readers to know that the planning application has succeeded, as detailed here. It will not escape the notice of readers that:

“residents’ comments were edited by district council planning officers. Agenda documents said: “Some representations have not been included within this report due to their prejudiced nature.”

Those that did not bother, or could not be bothered, to express an opinion on this planning application would, in respect of opening hours and religious teaching, do well to remember that situations and circumstances invariably change day by day.


6 Responses

  1. A K Haart says:

    “Some representations have not been included within this report due to their prejudiced nature.”

    Whereas mosques have nothing to do with prejudice.

  2. Tarka the Rotter says:

    I’m sorry…muslim newcomers can afford to live in the Cotswolds? I can’t, and my family have been English for at least a thousand years…where did we go wrong? Thin end of the wedge – this is not so much a religion as a political movement

  3. microdave says:

    “Comments were edited by district council planning officers”

    Every letter I’ve managed to get published in my local paper in the last six months has been “edited” in some way or other. And none of them were “prejudiced” – just saying things that didn’t agree with the party line. Their favourite ploy is to change/add/remove words or sections to alter the meaning, or infer I’m not certain of what I’m saying.

    A free country? – don’t make me laugh…

  4. Derek Buxton says:

    So Local jobsworths can subvert the planning process….what a surprise-not. We really do need that Harrogate Agenda, yesterday. Still I did have an e-mail from a MrHunt MP saying that as Minister for the non health service he was going to look after the NHS. I personally would prefer him to put the patients first although realising that to him we are the least of his worries. Can we stop paying him now?

  5. Wiliam Gruff says:

    I welcome the decision of the local authority to allow the change of use and earnestly hope that other regimes do likewise. The thirty four local Mohammedans will lose no time in swelling their numbers ten-fold and blocking the local streets with their cars, before harassing locals to move out and then declaring the area an ‘Islamic Zone’. The creation of religious colonial garrisons in ancient English market towns, in the cause of achieving what no one has managed since William the Bastard, is the only way to rouse the stupefied English to some defence of our culture, heritage, laws, traditions and homeland.

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