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“A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.
William Shenstone

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!
Tennessee Williams”

David Cameron’s speech began with a lie in that he stated he wanted to talk about the future of Europe when in fact he was talking about the future of our country. In speaking about the millions that lay dead across the world as a result of a battle for peace and liberty – and also mentioning that we should never forget their sacrifice – is it not odd that he supports a course of action which makes a mockery of the sacrifice paid to retain that liberty? I talk of his support for continued membership of the European Union providing he is able to repatriate certain powers, yet did not those who died fighting for this country fight because they were not prepared to relinquish one tiny aspect of their liberty to decide their own future?

As only a country can have people, I take exception to Cameron talking about the European Union and its peoples, the European Union is not a country therefore it has no people. I also take exception to him, or any other politician for that matter, talking about the defence of our sovereignty – the minute this country ceded the first power to decide something for itself and then action that decision regardless of what any other country thought, it no longer had sovereignty. It is disingenuous to couple the European Union with the words “prosperity, stability and being an anchor of freedom and democracy” when this country’s freedom to make its own decisions is no more and the European Union is most definitely not a democracy. It is indeed¬† hypocritical to maintain that Britain today is independent when it most assuredly is not, neither do we need to be reminded our country is open – one look at the immigration figures confirms that.

It is possible to lie by omission which Cameron does so well and doesn’t break what appears to be the habit of a lifetime when maintaining that membership of the European Union is necessary to have access to the Single Market. Richard North, EUReferendum; The Boiling Frog and Autonomous Mind have passed judgement on Cameron’s speech, with Richard North picking-up on what was probably Cameron’s biggest lie, namely that Norway has no say over EU legislation, a point also noted by The Boiling Frog. It is on the subject of lies that this entire question of the UK’s membership of the European Union hinges. Cameron is a liar, as has been demonstrated, so why should anyone trust anything he says now or in the future? As I write, I notice that Richard North has just posted on this matter of Cameron’s lies, making the point that The Great Deception continues.

Still on the subject of lies, one fears for the fairness of any referendum that is held and especially so when we can see that even now both sides of the debate are each telling lies. Where Cameron’s desire to renegotiate our membership of the European Union is concerned, I notice what appears at first sight to be conciliatory statements coming from political leaders and politicians of other Member States. As Autonomous Mind points out, if Cameron believes he can break-up the Acquis then he is being a tad delusional, despite what may be conciliatory statements and because of that, the fear must be that Cameron may return from his “negotiations” with changes that amount to no more than window-dressing and that – as in 1975 when Harold Wilson sold his country a pup – Cameron will repeat Wilson’s trick.

Of course, as in common with all liars Cameron is also devious so the questions which The Boiling Frog raises in his post are extremely pertinent. The really depressing factor in all this is that it matters not who inhabits No10, that inhabitant will do all that they can to skew the referendum to obtain an ‘In’ result, which means those of us fighting for ‘Out’ have the mother of all battles on our hands – and that last point is what one might term an even sad’m state of affairs.



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  1. thespecialone says:

    I will try to educate my friends, family and colleagues about the lies that will be spewed out by the europhiles. It will be tough because 1. They are not interested in politics and 2. They will not want to listen to what I have to say because the BBC etc will be saying something completely opposite to me and they would prefer to take the easy route and listen to them.

  2. Thanks for the kind mensch as always Mr WfW. A great post, particularly your second paragraph.

    • david says:

      The mensch was fully deserved so no thanks necessary.

      Your appreciation of that which I wrote is thankfully received.

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