That Speech – further brief thoughts

A little noticed fact today was the irony of David Cameron pleading to HMV in Brussels for the return of powers – and doing so the day after a report was published calling for yet another power, namely press regulation, to be handed to Brussels. Our good Lord does indeed have a sense of humour!

Mary Ellen Synon has a short article in the Speccie, one headed “The EU renegotiation pantomime” (most apt) from which:

“I asked Pia if she could describe for me any existing mechanism under present treaties by which Britain could claw back powers which have already been surrendered to the EU. She gave only a brief reference to treaty change, then refused to take a follow-up question. Yet giving a follow-up is the usual procedure.

I wasn’t surprised. What the Commission won’t come out and say – because it would hand another weapon to eurosceptics – is that it is legally impossible for any EU institution or EU member states to hand back powers to Britain, even if they want to.”

One can usually rely on our Mary Ellen to ask awkward questions. Far be it for me to dirgress and ask why Nigel Farage is not shouting this fact from the rooftops……

Rumour has it that Cameron, to reassure Brussels that contrary to what they may hear he is still deeply in love with them, is to issue a remake of this Harry Nilsson song, from the refrain of which: “I can’t live, if living is without EU……….”

Update: just noticed this superb line in Chapman & Co (Daily Mail). Discussing various Tory MP’s reactions to Camerons speech:

“Andrea Leadsom, leaderene of the loyalist Fresh Start group – the ‘Gis a job, Dave’ tendency – says it was ‘very good’.”


5 Responses

  1. Flyinthesky says:

    So you’ve exposed Cameron, you’ve rubbished UKIP, Direction. It’s not a flippancy it’s a question.

    • david says:

      Can I make plain that it is not, rpt not, my intention to rubbish Ukip. All I have been doing is asking pertinent questions about that which they say. After all this time when Farage has been saying oh we just negotiate a trade agreement, only yesterday did he finally acknowledge that that the only way that can be done is thru Art50. Why wasn’t he saying this from the outset? It would have exposed Cameron as fatuous much earlier and laid him open to even more criticism.

  2. thespecialone says:

    MES is on the ball when it comes to the shenennigans of the EU.

  3. Flyinthesky says:

    Thanks for the reply David, but the direction question remains,
    I’m not trying to be being obtuse or combatative at all I’m genuinely looking for direction. I’m impressed with Richards in depth analysis as your’s but the absolute remains “impetus” When it’s gone it’s gone, forever.
    As a lifelong conservative I’d dearly wish to vote for Dave as I did in the last GE but I no longer consider it is what it says on the tin.
    I do appreciate that yourself and Richard have a somewhat caustic history with UKIP but the continuous sniping at UKIP by Richard is self defeating and moves farther from the cause.
    The destination still needs to be prioritised over the route and overstressing the route is detracting from the cause. my vote at this time willl go to UKIP as the destination is the core issue, if you can point me in a better direction please feel free to do so.
    Respectfully, Alan.

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