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We all know our mail is late nowadays, and…..

…..the Daily Mail is no exception. They have published an article by James Slack and Tamara Cohen on a subject that has been ‘in progress’ for some months now. Let us backtrack……..

On 23rd November 2011 Chris Huhne presented to Parliament his Annual Energy Statement which was duly reported by the Guardian. On 21st January 2012 the Department of Communities and Local Government published its consultation on changes to the Building Regulations in England: Section two – Part L (Conservation of fuel and power), papers here and here

When reading ‘news’ such as this, especially when it is presented as a government ‘initiative/policy’, it is always worth digging further – lo and behold we find EU Directive 2010/31/EU dated 19th May 2010. While this directive leaves our government plenty of ‘wriggle room’ to ‘gold-plate’, did we not have a statement from Vince Cable that ‘gold-plating’ was to be a thing of the past?

Needless to say, expecting our media to provide the truth behind that which they report must be akin to expecting pigs to fly politicians to be honest and principled.

Just saying………….


Update: Autonomous Mind has also picked up on this ‘news’.



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