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Cameron is obviously selective in which opinion polls he reads

Richard North, EUReferendum, posts on the latest news that Cameron does not believe the majority of people in this country want a referendum on the question of our membership of the European Union. Just what is it about two opinion polls which show that 50% – or 80%, depending on which poll is correct – do want a referendum that leads Cameron to make yet another pronouncement that is utter tosh?

If MPs are elected to represent the concerns and interests of their constituents then were the electorate to have the unfettered power of recall, methinks the House of Commons could be emptied in days, figuratively speaking. That we do not possess that unfettered power yet again demonstrates we do not live in a democracy. That one man can deny the will of the people he is meant to serve again demonstrates that we, in effect, are forced to live under what is an elected dictatorship – and while it is acknowledged that in a dictatorship the electorate only have one party to vote for, the fact we have a choice of three main parties is neither here nor there when all three insist that it is in our interests to remain a member of the EU no matter what the people want; in other words we have no choice, as in any dictatorship.

If one is to take a pragmatic view then supposedly all MPs are sincere people, however it is obvious that a majority suffer from the same  defect – they have yet to find their métier where a career is concerned. The majority of MPs have no understanding of democracy, have no real wish to represent those that elect them and are more concerned about their careers, perks and privileges. This leads one to the conclusion that surely they have broken the terms of their contract of employment – as a contract most assuredly exists, implied or otherwise.

The sooner we as a country are able to ditch representative democracy for a far superior model, one that encompasses elements of Direct Democracy and Referism, the sooner each and every politician, national and local, will have their own Sword of Damocles hanging over them. This will ensure that they will live in fear of what we may do to them, which will neatly reverse the current situation whereby we live in fear of what they may do to us.

Now that is democracy!


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