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Its a ‘Goven’ – not!

Benedict Brogan is ‘at it again’ – publishing something which is strongly suspected was penned by the subject of the post, or his SPAD.

Brogan writes on the matter of Michael Gove wishing to re-introduce ‘O’ Level  exams, dispensing with GCSEs. Besides being an attempt to ‘stir up trouble’ twixt the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, thus showing the Conservatives as being ‘dog dog’, it is also no more than publicizing – and ‘bigging-up’ – as Brogan would have it seen, ‘Planet Gove’. That Brogan can see it as no more than a ‘point scoring’ exercise speaks volumes where journalism, politics and government in this country is concerned.

While political party after political party ‘mess around’ with educational standards, imposing their ideology on the educational system, is it any wonder that said educational system is of such a poor quality? That is the reason why our political elite ‘run round’ attempting to solve an unemployment problem of their own making (talk about ‘work creation’).

Are the children having to suffer from dysfunctional and inferior educational curricula those of the political elite? No – because the political elite make ‘other arrangements’ (Diane Abbott?). Should it not be the choice of a child’s parents what type of education a child receives? Should not education be a local matter, devolved to county level? Does not competition among providers produce higher levels of ‘service’ – providing of course governments do not interfere? Does not competition among providers soon bring ‘close of business’ to those who don’t/can’t offer what the ‘market’ requires?

Where education is concerned, it most definitely is not a ‘Goven’.


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