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The “propaganda war” hots up…….

The European Movement has just published a post on euromove entitiled: “The Economic Benefits to the UK of EU Membership”.

Here we go again, right at the beginning:

“By being a Member State of the European Union the United Kingdom is part of the world’s largest single market…..”

and when, pray, was it a requirement for participation in the single market being reliant on being a Member State of the European Union? Switzerland? Anyone?

“In addition to the benefits from the single market, there are a number of ways that the EU benefits business more directly.”

like the additional regulatory costs?

“The most obvious benefit to individuals is the freedom to travel, live, work, study and retire anywhere in the EU (this also applies to other EEA states).”

and this “obvious benefit” requires membership of the European Union? Switzerland? Anyone?

“The EU Health Insurance Card is a free card which enables EU citizens to receive emergency healthcare on the same terms as the citizens of the EU country they are visiting (often free). In addition to being able to live where they choose in the EU, pensioners can receive their UK state pension wherever they live in the EU.”

Once again, membership of the European Union is necessary to access such “benefits”? Could not this have been achieved by government agreement/treaty/insurance?

“Crime knows no borders today as globalisation, ease of travel and the internet allow criminal activity to move around the world.  The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) has been very important in bringing criminals to justice across Member State borders, preventing the long delays and sometimes politicised extradition processes seen in the recent past.”

one can but repeat the question: membership of the European Union is necessary to combat international criminal activity and bring them to justice? Could not international agreements have produced far better than the “dog’s breakfast” that is the EAW?

We then come, in the EM’s latest efforts of propaganda, to the matter of “environmental benefits”. We are immediately informed that like crime, pollution crosses boundaries – and don’t we, in the UK, know that, suffering the “pollution” of EU diktats on business and personal lives – virtually on a daily basis?

The European Movement then apply the logic that where the exchange of university students is concerned a deficit of 9,000 students is a “benefit”, especially when it is know that a vast majority of that deficit don’t leave at the end of their studies?

While we have “misinformation” such as this – and which is being produced in ever increasing instances – just how can we ever have a fair and honest referendum? Goebbels must be spinning in his grave to know that his basic theory is becoming true………

Just a few thoughts……..

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