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More Cameron ‘Fog’

Far be it for me to take issue with the Holocaust or the Jewish people, being part Jewish myself courtesy of my grandmother. Yes, the Holocaust was a most terrible event and one that should never be forgotten.

Last night a tweet from @Number10Press, which is the official twitter channel for Prime Minister David Cameron’s Press Office, based at 10 Downing Street, stated: PM: I’m establishing a new multi-faith commission to establish how we can ensure future generations preserve the memory of the Holocaust. Courtesy of the the No10 Website we are able to read the transcript of his speech to mark the 25th anniversary of the Holocaust Educational Trust,

In his speech Cameron gives a mildly amusing account of walking the streets of New York with Mayor Bloomberg, during which time the latter was congratulated on his policies, causing Cameron to think to himself that nobody had a clue who he (Cameron) was. Eventually one person did recognise him and congratulated him, remarking: Prime Ministers Questions, we love your show. And ‘show’ PMQs most certainly is, having about as much to do with democracy as my Aunt Sally – who I don’t have and which thus underlines the point. But I digress.

It is generally agreed, I believe, that when Cameron speaks at such events he has the knack of sounding just the right tone. If one reads the transcript of this speech it will be seen that the opportunity was taken for a little self-promotion, on the political level; and I was struck by his closing remarks in which he said, in relation to the Holocaust, it is important to remember those who died and those who survived. In this Cameron is undoubtedly correct and I believe not one person would disagree with that ideal.

Where a feeling of disquiet arises within me is that here we have the Prime Minister of this country funding and lauding the aim of remembering the victims of probably the worst act of genocide in modern history, yet seems hell bent on ignoring what may be termed the genocide of his own people. While remembering those who died as a result of the Holocaust, is it not also important to remember those who died to ensure that this country remained one that was independent and free?

From Wikipedia we learn that genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, caste, religious, or national group,  Is not Cameron guilty of  continuing to preside over the deliberate and systematic destruction of a national group, ie the indigenous British, with his avowed wish for this country to remain a member of the European Union, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights? Is not this country being changed beyond all recognition because of the political will which wishes to impose the idea of multiculturalism, regardless of the will of said indigenous British people?

Dictatorship comes in many forms and is, today, something practiced in the western world under the guise of representative democracy. With what is being accomplished in this country, whereby its society is being changed though a process condoned by our political class’ adherence to ever increasing state control, multiculturalism and the idea of a United States of Europe – genocide? -, it should also be acknowledged, by those that do not speak out about this existing bastardization of democracy, that in continuing their silence they should remember the words of Martin Niemöller;

One day they may come for you.


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