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The UK & Euro Membership

The man who promises everything is sure to fulfill nothing, and everyone who promises too much is in danger of using evil means in order to carry out his promises, and is already on the road to perdition.
Carl Jung 

On EUReferendum, The Boiling Frog has a guest post (‘filling in’ there while Richard North is in Iceland – the country, not the shop) about Cameron’s broken promises to cut red tape; while on his own blog he writes about how Cameron is being boxed into a corner by the proposals of the Spinelli Group for an ‘Associate’ form of membership for the EU, one which would be necessary for those Member States who refused to join the euro.

Membership of the euro is anathema, so we are informed, to both Cameron and Miliband, although not according to Clegg, meaning that Cameron and Miliband have made – I hesitate to use the phrase – cast iron promises that the United Kingdom will not join the euro on their watch. Confirming Clegg’s view, it is well known that Heseltine is of the opinion that the inevitable will happen, a view he has since repeated.

But what of political promises, be they verbal or written in a manifesto?

The Coalition has broken promises (or failed to implement them) that they made in their post-election manifesto, ‘a programme for government’. The last Labour government broke promises it made in their 2005 election manifesto. Cameron has become infamous for breaking his ‘cast-iron’ pledge about a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty – the fact that it had become ‘law’ is surely neither here nor there.

So what of this promise by Cameron and Miliband that the UK will not join the euro on their watch – and can it be relied upon? History tells us that no political promise can be relied upon because even when a promise is kept there is usually a sting in the tail (recall of MPs?). Any political decision to join the euro would be subject to a referendum of the British people, who according to Benedict Brogan, don’t wish to be taken for idiots.

Unfortunately the British people also have a history of being taken for idiots by their continual belief in party manifestos; and while Brogan may maintain that tribal voting is now something in the past, I would beg to differ. They also have a preponderance to follow the line of thought that some people have beliefs that are weather related, or possibly, following that true political principle of appearing to agree with the person one is standing closest to at any particular moment.

With both Cameron and Miliband insistent that the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union I would offer this prediction: If push came to shove and the Spinelli suggestion for a new treaty was adopted whereby the United Kingdom had to make a decision twixt full or associate membership we will end up joining the euro. Bearing in mind the present and accepted view that the British people are against relinquishing the pound sterling; this is countered by the view proffered by the last sentence of the preceding paragraph.

Were the situation to arise whereby the political opinion was that it is in Britain’s interest to join the euro we can then expect, as sure as God made little apples, we would be subjected to what will no doubt be the biggest propaganda exercise ever undertaken and one which will include the ‘europhile tendency’ talking themselves red, white and blue in the face.

It is now an accepted fact that treaty change will happen, so we must remember that process is subject to the agreement of all 28 member states. While it may be possible that Cameron might have a moments hesitation before signing on the dotted line, I am of the opinion that were it MilibandE asked to do so there would be no hesitation.

In conclusion, where politician’s promises are concerned, one can only surmise that if we got one-tenth of what was promised us there wouldn’t be any inducement to go to heaven. There is of course another way to ensure there would be no need for any inducement to go to heaven – and that is if the people of this country awoke from their stupor and adopted the 6 Demands – but I digress.



Third annual German-British consultations on Europe

Minister of State Michael Link, and the British Minister for Europe David Lidington held their third German-British consultations on Europe in Berlin.


These consultations focus on intensive exchange of views regarding strengthening of the Economic and Monetary Union and the British and German views on the future of the European Union. Other topics include growth, energy, environment and strategic partnerships in the European context, in particular with the USA. On the German side, State Secretaries of different Ministries who are responsible for European Affairs will take part in the consultations. From the UK will be travelling secretaries of state and ministers from Finance, Environment, Labor, Industry, as well as representatives of the British government parties.

The German-British consultations on Europe are held once a year. In 2011, they were initiated in Berlin, whereas the second meeting took place in June 2012, in London.” (My emphasis)


David Cameron is on record as saying that while he is Prime Minister, we will never join the Euro.

Perchance, as we are “all in it together”, Lidington is preparing the ground for the “reddy” boys, come 2015?

Just asking………


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Apocalypse postponed

The Greek Prime Minister arrived in Berlin on Friday to meet German Chancellor to try and obtain support for an easing of conditions designed to balance Greece’s public sector finances.

Dave Brown (b. 1961) is a British cartoonist. After beginning with the Sunday Times and various other publications, he joined The Independent in 1996, where he still works. In 2003 he received the Political Cartoon of the Year Award for a controversial drawing of Ariel Sharon.


European Central Bank does comedy

Unbeknown to me, in January this year the ECB issued a commemorative €2 coin. The winning design symbolized the way in which the euro had become a true global player over the past ten years, as well as its importance in day-to-day life.

Where symbolism is concerned, they have got to be joking surely? 

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Agreement in Athens

After several days of tense negotiations, the three government coalition parties have agreed on a plan of savings amounting to €11.5 billion. The leaders of Pasok (Socialist) and Democratic Left – Evangelos Venizelos and Fotis Kouvelis – withdrew opposition to measures including slashing wages and pensions. Greek PM Antonis Samaras can now conduct negotiations with the EU-ECB-IMF in order to relax the bailout conditions imposed on the country.

Fotis Kouvelis, Antonis Samaras and Evangelos Venizelos

     “We agreed … On the outline of the measures … Details later.”

Ilias Makris (b. 1956) became an illustrator after studying painting and sculpture in Germany. He has worked for various publications, including To Vima and To Ethnos. He is now the star cartoonist for the Greek daily Kathimerini

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Long live sport

Italy and Spain are preparing to battle it out in the Euro 2012 final in Kiev on July 1, while the euro is navigating a deep crisis.

Born in 1945, Arend van Dam is a well known Dutch cartoonist. Having studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam, he took up a post as a teacher of industrial psychology, before becoming a professional illustrator and cartoonist for newspapers and trade publications. His work, which has been rewarded with several international prizes, can also be seen in a number of children’s books written by his remote cousin, Arend van Dam. On a number of occasions, he has published under the pseudonym Zetbé.

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