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That Speech – further brief thoughts (2)

Another factor which has come to mind is with reference to the assumption that following Cameron’s speech this morning he has shot the Ukip fox where Conservative-held marginals are concerned, thus removing the threat that Ukip might take Conservative votes, thereby letting Labour gain the seat.

It should be noted that unless MilibandE reverses his current position of denying the electorate a referendum on EU membership, his policy may well work to the disadvantage of Labour MPs whose seat is classified as marginal, whereby as things stand today Labour may well lose votes to Ukip, thus letting the Conservative candidate win – which is a sure-fire way of losing ones “Balls”, but I digress. Were I a betting man I could see myself putting a tenner on a change of “European” policy” prior to 2015 – one feels sure that “Mrs. Gary” will be bending the ear of EdM long before we reach “High Noon”.

There must be great concern among eurosceptics that a repeat of 1975 will occur, when the ‘No’ side were heavily out-spent and heavily out-PR’d by their opponents. Perhaps a move should be made to hire whoever managed the last ‘No’ campaign in Switzerland, or make an attept to “poach” Helle Hagenau – who is actually from Denmark – and worked as Secretary General in Norway’s “No to EU” in 2001. Lets face it, it has got to be worth a try, especially if it prevents a “Matthew Elliott” type with an over-inflated opinion of his self-importance getting his hands on the ‘No’ campaign tiller.

Just a couple of random thoughts – there will probably be others….…..


It ain’t you, babe……

…..to misquote Sonny and Cher.

David Cameron today officially launched the Conservative Party Local Election Campaign with this speech one which actually sounded more like a general election campaign launch. From this example of verbal dexterity pack of lies:

“If you’re sick of the status quo…
…if you’re tired of being told that this is the best you can hope for…

…if you want leadership that admires and encourages those who want the best for themselves and their families…

…if you want real change, if you want a radical alternative, you know who to vote for.”

Yup, sure do. It ain’t EdM; it ain’t Nick; and it ain’t you, babe!


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