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A present day example of “coitus interuptus”?

With the advent of matters EU becoming the lead item of the current “news du jour” and in so doing be presented in what may be termed nefarious (go look up the meaning of the word) and misleading ways, the question has to be asked – and which has not been done by the media – is the European Union the “font of all evil” where the ills of this country are concerned?

I interrupt this article with the news that due to the situation in Algeria, the long planned – and long in preparation – speech by David Cameron on our relationship with EU membership has been postponed. A present day example of “coitus interuptus”?

Now, where was I? Oh yes. Where one looks at the source of the laws to which we are bound, the European Union is immediately held to be to blame -but this is not actually correct. Richard North, EUReferendum, has lately posted that the European Union is not the culprit, merely implementing decisions that have been agreed at UN level.

The culprit for all our ills which we presently experience is we, the people – yes, that’s right, us! Have we not abrogated the future of not only ourselves, but also that of our country, to a political class? Have we not voted, time and time again, for political parties in whom we have no real interest and, more importantly, over whom we have no real control? Have we not been guilty of concentrating on us to the extent that we have ignored the external factors that affect us?

Towards the latter part of last year an idea was proposed, called “The Harrogate Agenda“, which reached to the heart of sovereignty and, by association, the question of how we should be governed. And therein I would suggest, lies the cure to all our ills, namely who makes those decisions that affect us all.

All things considered when discussing the state of our nation viz-a-viz our political class, is there not truth in the statement – go screw yourself – which is what we seem to do time and time again.



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