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The wrong question

Today at PMQs Ed Miliband chose to attack David Cameron on the matter of the closure of children’s centres, asking why David Cameron had signed a petition to save the Chipping Norton centre if they are supposedly being well-supported by the Government. Cameron’s response that 3,000 children’s centres are being used by more people than ever before, and with increased funding is neither here nor there – the important thing is that the wrong question was posed by Miliband, in order to try and score a cheap political point; and because for Miliband to pose the question he should have would have blown a massive hole in our faux system of democracy.

The question that should have been posed was: Can the Prime Minister explain the ridiculousness of a situation wherein, with regard to the closure of the Ace Children’s Centre in Chipping Norton, he has signed a petition against a decision taken by Oxfordshire County Council, one occasioned as a direct result of a policy he, the Prime Minister and a member of the Executive, instigated.

This lack of separation of power is a subject on which I have posted previously and is one that I have raised with David Cameron at his constituency surgery; ie, how can he as an MP and a member of the Legislature, on behalf of his constituents hold the Executive, of which he as Prime Minister is not only a member but Leader of said Executive, to account. That is an important point which appears to have eluded those constitutents in Chipping Norton – together with the journalist who filed the story with the Oxford Mail.

Afterthought: So concerned are the MSM with the tittle-tattle of knockabout PMQs which includes the ya-boo behaviour of our MPS, It is extremely doubtful if anyone in our media even considered this point about separation of power.


The changing face of the cotswolds (3)

Following my earlier post in this series, it would appear the story is “hotting up” with the threat of arson now rearing its head.

One aspect of this story on which I have not commented previously is to do with the fact that West Oxfordshire District Council only received 28 objections with a further 2 submissions in support. Is this, one wonders, because people are afraid to protest fearing that they may be classified as racist?

Thus are people “cowed” and thus the programme of social engineering continues.

Just saying…….

The changing face of the Cotswolds (2)

Readers will recall that I posted earlier about a planning application that had been submitted for the conversion of a vacant shop premises to a mosque in Chipping Norton, a town just a few miles from where David Cameron’s “constituency home” is located.

It will not surprise readers to know that the planning application has succeeded, as detailed here. It will not escape the notice of readers that:

“residents’ comments were edited by district council planning officers. Agenda documents said: “Some representations have not been included within this report due to their prejudiced nature.”

Those that did not bother, or could not be bothered, to express an opinion on this planning application would, in respect of opening hours and religious teaching, do well to remember that situations and circumstances invariably change day by day.


The changing face of the Cotswolds

Being a fan of a multi-culti country, no doubt David Cameron is really pleased with this news. Nothing like having it happen right on your doorstep is there?

Just asking………



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