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Roger Hayes – Update

Setting to one side whether the strategy of Roger Hayes is the right one or not, what is at stake with this incident is that of justice and how it is administered.

In respect of the sequence of events, Hayes was arrested on Monday morning, taken to a police station for three hours and then taken to directly to court. No listing for that court hearing was posted, Mr Hayes had no legal representation, nor was he permitted any, Mr Hayes was given no opportunity to present a defence, no jury was present and neither was the general public or press present at that hearing. That being the case Mr Hayes was subjected to a ‘star chamber’ and secret court process as correctly stated in the original article. In addition, according to Mr Hayes’ Statement of Fact made in prison this morning, neither was he informed of the court case on Tuesday 26 June at which the bench warrant was issued – thus he did not attend the hearing, nor could he conduct his defence. 

Brian Gerrish has issued a formal complaint to FullFact in regard to the article that appeared on their website yesterday, 3rd July.

It is worth noting that it is stated Hayes had no legal representation, was not permitted any, nor was he provided with an opportunity to present a defence – it is also known that in Family Courts, parents of those children being taken into care are unable to question statements made by local authority children’s services. In his complaint to FullFact, Brian Gerrish refers to a ‘star chamber’ – perhaps a ‘Kangaroo Court‘ would be a better description?

More to follow……..


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