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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the least blameless of us all?

“Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that don’t have brains enough to be honest.”

 Benjamin Franklin

“We used to hang the petty thieves – now we appoint the great ones to public office”

Aesop (paraphrased)


Watching David Cameron this afternoon respond to Labour’s Urgent Question on “L’affaire Hunt” was an unedifying experience. What was observed was, in effect, two sets of crooks throwing accusations across the Dispatch Box about each other’s crooked principles. When Cameron spoke about people swearing under oath to tell the truth while clutching a Bible, the immediate question raised in my mind was who, in their right mind, would trust anything a politician says or writes – with or without holding a Bible.

Apportionment of blame for the nadir to which our politics has sunk is difficult to decide – blame can be laid at the door of our politicians who have taken advantage of the electorate’s lack of knowledge where democracy (okay, have we ever had ‘democracy’?) is concerned; while, equally, blame can be laid at the door of the electorate who have made no attempt at engaging with – and questioning – the political system that politicians have imposed on them.

That our political system is at fault is exemplified by the fact that time and time again it permits incompetents to be placed in charge of our nation and its future. Through their destructive policies politicians have presided, in recent years, over pointless wars and a resultant loss of life;  they have created and sustained social and economic systems that proceed in an ever downward spiral; they have emasculated our education and healthcare systems; and they have merged the Executive and the Legislature to the point that they are but one and the same. The current political system has given the powers of a dictator to whichever politician holds the post of prime minister, with those who helped him achieve his position as leader of his political party rewarded with ministerial positions.

We are governed by a political system that has, some may say, evolved; conversely, others may say it has been engineered and emasculated by the political class during its 300-odd years of existence. The reason, in its early days, that it ‘worked’ was due principally to the fact that those governing us were wealthy and ‘educated’, whereas those being governed were poor, many of whom could not even read or write. Today the people, in general, are just as educated, just as ‘smart’; and just as informed (through the Internet), resulting in what was a feudal system now becoming completely unworkable and out-of-date.

The foregoing prompts the question whether, never mind the streets, the people need to reclaim their political system, thereby instigating a proper form of democracy, namely: government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Just saying……….


With acks to Thomas Gibbon – “Triple Ignition”






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