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By George, he’s got it!

Or perhaps that should be By Andrew, he’s got it.

Other than the lone voice of Christopher Booker, this is the first piece I can recall seeing in the MSM that believes Cameron’s “renegotiation tactics” are based on a false premise, while mentioning Article 50 as the route of choice. From the piece by Andrew Stuttaford in the weekly Standard:

“There is a credible way for the U.K. to exit the EU (it involves Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty; I’ll spare you the technicalities), but Cameron’s “negotiations” are not it. Anything involving the repatriation of enough powers to impress enough euroskeptics would need a new treaty to be agreed on by each EU country, a tall order for reasons that are both practical (there are currently 27 member states) and philosophical. The EU is driven by the idea of “ever closer union,” a process that only moves in one direction. Once a competence has been transferred from the national level to the EU it cannot​—​must not​—​be handed back. Were Britain to win an exception to this principle, it would make a shambles of what the EU is meant to be. “Europe,” warned the EU’s prominenti, is not “à la carte.” Britain was either in or, well, the rest was left unsaid by just about everyone other than the French.”

There we have the situation in regard to this “renegotiation meme” spelt out in plain, simple English that even Cameron should be able to understand. However, I won’t be holding my breath……..

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