Surprising who comes calling…….

…..when a post happens to include the letters ‘K’, ‘G’ and ‘B’.

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11 Responses

  1. james Higham says:

    I get a blank with a question mark – is there meant to be a picture there, WfromW?

  2. microdave says:

    Are we to assume that the 2 day hiatus in posting, plus the above words, means that you have been a “guest” of Mr Putin?

    Or more likely a bunch of HM’s finest wanting to search your house?

  3. DP111 says:


    Have you been Knighted?


  4. david says:

    Question to md and DP111 – are you getting a ‘picture’, or a blank as James Higham?

  5. david says:

    Apols chaps – wrong format used when inserting piccy.

    Hopefully now viewable?

  6. DP111 says:

    Its visible noe

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