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Referring to the latest post by Richard North, EUReferendum, on the subject that there exists over 1,000 treaties to which the UK has been “signed-up to” by the European Union and to which the UK is now bound – is this not an aspect of “ever closer union” that has been enacted behind our backs and thus been carried out “under the radar”? Where and when have the British public been made aware of this?

When considering the subject of “ever closer union” we all concentrate¬† on Directives and Regulations when considering loss of sovereignty and the supremacy of Parliament, but we seem to forget the matter of “treaties that are done in our name”.

Methinks we can forget any idea that there is a day in which to bury bad news – it would seem that, regardless of the day, news gets buried anyway.

More to follow on this aspect in the days to come…….

Stay tuned – as they say…….

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  1. Robin says:

    This subject has been broached before .

    Is there a word to describe it ? such as disentanglement or even better as in EU Referendum ;decoupling .Is there something better ?
    For the processs of leaving needs to be defined and enter the public concienceness .In a way that benefits EUrorealists , not EUluvvies .

    As regards the actual leaving , there has been such happenings before , the best and probably most recent in !989/1990 in the fall of the Berlin Wall and Commie bloc .
    It seemed to go smoothly , and trade went on .Passports , vehicle numberplates , customs formalities , air traffic control , etc were still accepted but eventually replaced .
    And this after various degrees of revolutions .

    Our “revolution” may take years in the making . Can we put a gun to the head of the PTB to start negotiating now , and in our interest ?

  2. Boudicca says:

    The EU is like an iceberg. Only a very small part of it is visible and the most dangerous part is below the surface.

    “We must build the superstate without the people understanding or being aware of what is happening” or words to that effect …. Jean Monnet, architect of the EU.

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