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Some comments on ‘matters Rotherham’

So, on a day when David Cameron was hoping that his ‘robust’ defence of his country at the EU budget meeting would be dominating the news agenda he finds that his ‘bête-noir’ have supplanted him. Oh, the irony……..

That a council can remove children from previously approved foster parents because of the foster parents’ membership of a political party can only underline the fact that our children’s social services are most definitely not fit for purpose.

Twitter has been ‘alive’ with comments on this ‘matters Rotherham’, including one that called for the ‘removal of the council’. An interesting idea, especially when considering that councillors, like MPs, are elected for a term and within that term are not truly accountable. Even more regrettable is the fact that neither are the ‘Officers’ – aka the civil servants – of a council, accountable for their actions.

The comments contained in David Cameron’s letter to me of 23rd October show that it is not only within the realms of the law that children’s social services ‘court’ disaster where their decisions are concerned. I note that Michael Gove has entered the fray describing Ukip as a ‘mainstream political party’ – more misuse of the English language, but I digress.

As events unfold what we will see no doubt is all ‘participant parties’ making points for political gain while ignoring the underlying problem, that of caring for children in the best interests of the children. Not only is politics rotten in this country but so, unfortunately, are the services on which society relies and supports with money extracted from them by force.

When the Harrogate Agenda itself becomes ‘mainstream’ and is thus accepted and implemented there will obviously be ‘much work to be done’. Detractors of direct democracy often complain that it allows ‘instantaneous justice’ to be meted out; for example where recall of MPs is concerned. Perhaps were civil servants also liable for ‘instantaneous justice’, it might just cause them to think before ‘putting foot in mouth’ where both their actions and statements are concerned.

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