Saying one thing, doing another

” I am sceptical of those who claim to draw the answer to every problem from a loud ideology, but I am fierce in my commitment to a fair society in which effort is rewarded, work pays, and the state is there to help people but not shape every part of their lives. I am on the side of people who work hard, want to get on and play by the rules. I loathe with a passion the bankrupt, high-taxing, something for nothing society left behind by Labour, and I am in politics to change it.”

David Cameron, Daily Telegraph, 7th May 2012

A statement loaded with contradictions, as is every statement by a politician. Is not Cameron answering every problem with a loud ideology of his own? If Cameron believed that the state should not shape every part of our lives why does he permit it to continue interfering in our lives? Is not Cameron stating that he will leave us alone providing we play by the rules,rules he sets? If Cameron loathes with a  passion a bankrupt, high-taxing, something for nothing society why does he not disband the political class?

Cameron may well complain that he has his hands tied by being in coalition, but hey, who created said coalition? Of all excuses being offered by politicians of our liberal conservative government for their poor showing in the recent local elections, this by Cameron must rank fairly high. It is said that there is always one exception to any rule and politics must be the only profession that disproves the statement that excuses are but tools of the incompetent and that those who use them tend not to go far.

Just saying……………………


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  1. Peter C says:

    It was obvious to me from the very first time I heard Cameron that he is as shallow as a saucer. Quite simply you cannot believe a word he says, nothing he utters bears any relation to a genuine belief or has even a passing acquaintance with either truth or reality. He says whatever he deems the most expedient at the time, a common trait among the political elite, I know, but it is one he takes to never before seen heights.

  2. Derek Buxton says:

    I do not recognise the man writing this, it cannot be the Cameron our own Gauleiter, er PM can it? ‘Cause he aint done nuffing of what he claims! Or is indeed him, and he is just lying yet again. Do not read the words, look at the actions.
    It is also strange that the Failygraph is not allowing “comments”, most odd. I think Peter Hitchens is closer to the truth.

    • david says:

      Comments? You expect our Gauleiter to submit himself to the indignity of comments from the plebs?

      Just returned to the UK from a visit abroad?

  3. A K Haart says:

    “Cameron may well complain that he has his hands tied by being in coalition, but hey, who created said coalition?”

    Exactly – and does principle now come second?

  4. james Higham says:

    What a hypocrite – I wonder if he’s actually convinced himself that that’s what he believes in.

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